Mr. Simons Music Class

"Music City" Rules:
1. Raise your hand if you have something to say
2.  Respect others and the equipment in the room
3.  Regard Instructions
4.  Raise your Effort
1. Warning
2.  Time Out/Sign Book
3.  Sit out, work on alternate assignment or Think Sheet, note or email to parents and conduct grade lowered


Students receive two music grades: (1) skill/academic and (2) conduct. They will receive one of the following grades: 

E (Excellent)

G (Good)

S (Satisfactory)

N (Needs Improvement)

U (Unsatisfactory)

Mr. Simons' music class is a fun, creative course that students participate once a week for 45 minutes each week.  Music is a great way to develop the left brain, to help students develop real world skills, and to help students hone or develop new skills.  Music class can also help students develop cooperative group skills.  

In class, students can expect to perform the following:  sing, move, play instruments, listen, analyze, create/write, and perform.  Musical instrument depend on the grade level appropriateness.  Students develop skills on percussion instruments as well as Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels - see photo below). Fourth and Fifth graders learn to play the recorder.  These can be purchased at the School bookstore.  

Orff Instruments








These Orff instruments are used to help students develop instrument playing skills.  They also create songs on the instruments.  A benefit of these instruments is that students can take off the bars and play in a Pentatonic key that helps develop key musicianship skills.

Fourth and Fifth graders are Dogwood get to learn to play the recorder (and parents to get to hear them at home!).  This instrument is excellent in develop musical skills but also to prepare them for other instruments. Will Dogwood have the next great recorder player?  

Third through Fifth Graders will gain basic knowledge of the Ukulele and get to play chords and perform songs.

The voice is an instrument in and of itself.  It's an instrument that you can take wherever you go.  Singing helps students to hear pitches and also develop musicality.  

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