About Me:

Birthplace:  Kansas City, KS

Musical Background:  Piano since grade 3, sang in church, lead worship at my church

Education: U of Memphis, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Union & CBU

Teaching Background: Entering 12th year.  I've taught in Shelby and Tipton County before coming to GMSD

Musical Tastes:  Pretty eclectic, I do like popular music, 80's, Yacht Rock, and worship music

Hobbies:  basketball (U of M/Grizzlies), biking, movies, eating out, church, book club

My Schedule:

Contact Information:


9:00-9:45    5th Grade

9:45-10:30   2nd Grade   

10:30-11:15    3rd Grade

11:15-12:30    Lunch/Planning

12:30-1:15     Kindergarten

1:15 -2:00      1st Grade

2:45-3:30     4th Grade

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